Milindu Sanoj Kumarage is Agentmilindu


    I am Milindu Sanoj Kumarage and I am a developer. I love developing in Java EE, Node.js, Ruby on Rails  and Php. I’m also into Android development too.


As a Computer Science student I have peek into many fields of computing, I like to explore new things since  I’m always full of curiosity.

I have worked with Java EE and related stuffs like Enterprise Java Beans  (EJB ), Java Persistence API ( JPA ) , Hibernates,  Java RESTful Services ( JAX-RS ) , JAXB , etc.  Node.js is my other loving technology that enables me to build high performing web applications.  However can’t forget that awesome feeling I have when developing with Ruby on Rails.  Ruby’s cool syntactic sugars with Rails’s perfect “convention over configuration”s simply  do the magic. Php, being a long known good friend, comes handy whenever I need it to be.

Studying C and using Python as a university student.  Have some experience with Android and Java ME. Currently working on a Raspberry PI project.

I work as a freelance web developer to cover my little little expenses. I’m good in responsive web development with HTML5 and CSS3. I use WordPress and do develop themes and plugins for WordPress framework.


I want to live a simple and a beautiful life as a good citizen. I am a catholic and I follow Jesus. I like to have good friends. Other than programming I love nature and philosophy. I enjoy advance sciences like Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” , Quantum mechanics and psychology.